Luxurious Finishes

Aero Trim, LLC provides comfortable yet beautifully functional materials inside your aircraft that will complement each new finish perfectly. Our material selections are densely constructed and provide texture and patterns not found in standard aviation interior finishes. We have several manufacturers that offer countless weaves, textures and colors to complete your aircraft’s finished look.

Expert Installation

Our experience is evident in our work. Over 30 years of upholstery installation, with the last 20 specifically in aviation, has allowed us apply this knowledge to every aircraft we renovate. From Leerjets to Charter aircraft, we expertly install interior furnishings that will seamlessly blend with the aircraft’s natural curves. To learn more about our expert installers, contact us today.

Design Services

We offer complimentary design services for your aircraft’s new interior. We have likely renovated your type of aircraft previously and can suggest luxurious yet comfortable ways to renovate its interior. We’ll address the flooring material, upholstery, trim detail and storage compartments during the design consultation and will provide you with sample selections.