Our president has an impressive 30+ year history of upholstery and interior installation/renovation. In 1980, he began restoring and reupholstering antique furniture, cars and boats. In 1996, he moved to Florida with his family and his niche in aircraft interiors restorations, specifically Piper Aircraft, was founded.

His reputation for quality interiors spread quickly throughout the aviation community, as he has received all of his referrals via word-of-mouth. Aero Trim added the Charter aviation service due to the lack of qualified companies offering this type of work and extensive FAA testing.

We are proud of our company’s beginnings, and are excited to share them with our clients. We are Licensed & Insured, we guarantee our labor and materials, and offer complimentary design service. If you are thinking of restoring your aircraft, please contact us today for a custom quote. We look forward to hearing from you!