Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical aircraft renovation take?

After materials are selected and delivered to our shop, our typical timeframe is 4-6 weeks.

I need my plane worked on quickly. Are rush jobs available?

Yes, rush jobs are available. Please call us at 772-532-6612 so we can expedite the quote for you.

Do I have a choice of materials?

Yes, we have several samples from different manufacturers for you to choose from. Once our quote is approved, we’ll sit down together to review the finishes available.

Do you warranty your work?

Absolutely. Our work is warranted for 6 months from the date of project completion.

Do you provide referrals?

Sure, we can provide a list of referrals upon your request.

Do you work on Charter aircraft?

Yes! We carry all of the necessary FAA certifications to work on Charter aircraft, including the necessary testing required by the FAA for Charter aircraft.

What’s the largest aircraft interior you can renovate?

We can renovate interiors of a Gulf Stream, Citation 10, Big Business Jet (BBJ’s) and smaller private and charter aircraft.

Do you participate in the FAA Drug Program?

Yes, you can learn more about this program here.